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Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 9:00pm
Main Room

John Denver Death Plane

Twin Trances
Set and Setting, Insomniac

Saturday September 30th at Star Bar:

set and setting w/ JohnDenver DeathPlane, Twin Trances (album release!) and Insomniac

9pm, $8, 21+

A. Rippin' Production

all poster printing by Mindzai Creative

Set and Setting are an instrumental band from St. Petersburg Florida, whose work encompasses drone and ambient music to experimental rock and metal. Their debut album "Equanimity", was issued in 2013 via Science of Silence Records, which they supported with the effort of DIY touring throughout the underground and extreme music scenes in all of the U.S. and parts of Canada. In 2014, Set and Setting released their second album, "A Vivid Memory" via Prosthetic Records and continued to tour internationally and locally with bands such as Mouth of the Architect, EyeHateGod, Inter Arma, and Kayo Dot throughout 2015. 2016 brought a tough year of writing and recording while battling injuries within the band limiting live performances. The beginning of 2017 brought Set and Setting's third full-length album, "Reflectionless" along with a European Tour and a stop at the renown Dunk!Festival in Belgium.