Interview w/ Dusty Huggins of The Ides of June

Conducted by Chad DuBay | February 21st, 2023

CD: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. You guys just released a new EP last week, do you have a favorite track or one that you think stands out among the rest?

  • DH:  Tearing Seams has been my favorite track since we wrote it because Alex wrote the riff and then generously handed the writing of the lyrics off to me per my request which made it duly both of our creation. Drift Away is really making a push though as it was our first feel-good song and it seems to be getting a lot of great feedback.

CD: How would you compare ‘Tearing Seams’ to your previous releases?

  • DH: More mature in all ways. We had some movement in the band and have really equipped ourselves with some of the best musicians I know. When we were writing it our engineer kept saying that we were on a tear, no pun intended, with our writing and I felt the same way. We developed each song fully in whatever amount of time that took and also strived to make sure the production of the songs matched the intent we put into writing them. Big shout out to Ben Hernandez for making that happen. 

CD: Where was the album recorded, mixed, and mastered?

  • DH: This EP touched a little bit of every part of Atlanta. The first five tunes were recorded with Sean Mcpherson at East Atlanta Recording. The next five were all recorded at Nich’s house. We weren’t completely happy with the drum sound and how it wasn’t cohesive throughout the album so Nich went into Standard Electric and re-tracked all of the drums in a day. Ben remixed all of the tracks and then we took them to, the one and only, Chris Griffin, (the man behind Drivin and Cryin’s live shows) and he mastered it all for us…. Yes, there were more than 5 songs listed here so anyone that’s taking the time to read this may be getting a little easter egg for what is to come. 

CD: Who are your top 3 musical influences?

CD: If you could only listen to one album, which album would it be?

  • DH: Well that’s no easy answer either as my favorite albums have been played way too many times for my ears, but The Black Keys are my favorite band and Magic Potion was an album that changed my life and pushed me back towards Rock and Roll when I was mostly listening to Hip Hop so I’ll give that one a shout out. It is very fulfilling for just drums and guitar.

CD: Pizza or nachos?

  • DH: ZAAAAAA all day!!!!

The Ides of June perform in Atlanta at Boggs Social on 2/24 for their double album release with Rae & The Ragdolls and special guests Pinto Sunshine.