Enforced arrives in Atlanta

Written by Scott Belzer | June 12th, 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Richmond’s thrash crossover cowboys, Enforced.

Blending elements of thrash, hardcore, and death metal (a la Power Trip), Enforced have taken a chokehold on the metal scene since their 2019 full-length debut, At the Walls. The band’s sound harkens back to that sweet, sweet ‘80s thrash tone found on Kill’em All, The Legacy, and Reign in Blood, while also taking cues from what resonates from more recent releases, like Manifest Decimation or Grave Danger. The same sound continues like a freight train on their two most recent albums, 2021’s Kill Grid, and 2023’s thrash/crossover AOTY contender War Remains.

Don’t know what any of that means? Find yourself asking, “Who gives a shit?” All you need to know is that Enforced delivers straightforward, blunt riffs on bat-out-of-hell rhythms, all with a guitar tone that’ll make you menacingly grimace and headbang your neck out of its socket. Their music will make you circle-pit your loved ones out of the living room, elbow-drop your coffee table, and suplex your significant other onto the bed (lovingly, sensually, of course). The Virginia five-piece isn’t reinventing the wheel here—or really trying to, for that matter. They’re instead serving up a familiar, delicious, much-sought-after vibe up on a golden platter. Dig in, friends, because it’s damn good eating.

They also played an entire set with their Metal Archives listing behind them, which is funny as hell.

Setting up Enforced’s sonic onslaught will be Atlanta’s own genre-blending gurus, Apostle. This chaotic trio has stormed venues across Atlanta, delivering a spectacle that’s unique in both energy and sound. We’ve told you before, but we’ll tell you again: on the outset, it looks like bassist Michael Thomas is having a one-man mosh pit on stage while he punishes his bass (and his back!) with crushing riffs. Murice White’s raw aggression on vocals/distorted guitar seems to be spurring him on, all while drummer Evan Price punctuates with earthquake-worthy fills and galloping rhythms. If you haven’t seen Apostle at an Atlanta metal or hardcore show, 1) What are you doing? 2) Get on it! 3) Enjoy.

Atlanta’s Yosemite in Black will also bring their own brand of “hippie hardcore’ to the stage, blending “sweet riffs from Heaven with breakdowns from Hell.” This four-piece of hardcore hoodlums has been terrorizing the Atlanta scene since 2018, delivering deeper-than-an-I-20 basslines, groovy rhythms, and ear-piercing vocals. While the band offers music to “get ignorant” to (Jesus Christ I’m old), the lyrics are socially cognizant and relevant to the hellscape we’re currently experiencing. Not only will Yosemite in Black give you something to be pissed off about, but also a soundtrack to release it all. Proud to say these folks will also be repping Atlanta on tour in July, so come wish them a bon voyage. 

It’s ALL happening at Bogg’s Social & Supply on June 20. Grab your tickets, and I’ll see you in the pit (and at the door!).

Scott Belzer

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