Fuzzstock Is Nigh Upon Us

Written by David Sherman | September 3rd, 2023

Fuzzstock is nigh upon us. “One Night of Peace and Love in Hate City” returns this year to Boggs Social & Supply bringing together bands from across the spectrum of Desert Rock and fuzzed-out tones. The fourth year of celebrating all things Fuzz, Stoner, and Rock and Roll recommences with Destroyer of Light, The Buzzards of Fuzz, The Pinx, Rae and the Ragdolls, Mammabear, The Mystery Men?, Black Cat Rising, Turbo Gatto, Gas Hound, and a Fringe Factory DJ set from DJ Vikki Vaden.

Festival organizer Van Bassman (if that is his real name) shared an overview of the artists participating.

“All the way from Austin, Destroyer of Light is making the trek to provide the doom portion of the bill. I’ll be on hand with Fuzzards with our own brand of stoner psych grunge. Atlanta faves, The Pinx, have us covered on New Wave of Classic Rock and I’m stoked to finally get them on a ‘stock. Rae & The Ragdolls are certainly going to stitch together plenty of psych jams. Our pals in MammaBear will be roaring out the real punk as well as releasing a new track and video from their Abbey Road sessions before they head out for another UK tour. Supreme stars of SURF, The Mystery Men? set to sail to show us to shore. Black Cat Rising, who also has a double A single on deck for the occasion, are sure to scratch up some fuzzy psychedelia. Columbia, SC’s Turbo Gatto specialize in jugend judo! Gas Hound, also releasing a new song & video, is set to light it all up with some desert gutter folk and the night kicks off with a cunningly coordinated Fringe Factory set from WFMU’s DJ Vikki Vaden. 

It’s our most ambitious lineup to date and it touches every corner of the genre. I’m really excited to catch these sets. With this much talent in the room you really never know what’s going to happen.” 

Regarding the unifying ideas behind Fuzzstock, from psych to surf to doom-tinged rock, Bassman shares “… one of the things I appreciate about this group of genres is that it’s all loosely related by ethos and harmony and not by just one common sound. We did our best this year to include something from every corner of the stonerverse.” 

Lastly, Van was asked what he hoped the audience would take away from the event.

“A fuzzin’ good time.”

-David Sherman

Fuzzstock Fourever comes to Atlanta 9/9 at Boggs Social featuring ten bands, a vendor market, and more. Tickets are on sale now at fuzzstockfest.com