Interview w/ David Sherman of Jabroni Fest

Conducted by Van Bassman | November 8th, 2023


Van Bassman: What’s a Jabroni?

David Sherman: When Billy Duncan (formerly of Seagulls and several other Atlanta bands) reached out about putting together a show, the idea was in response to our bands, and our friends’ bands, being on the outside of the “cool kid” Atlanta bands that were receiving more press and recognition. We liked the term Jabroni because we felt like we were the jobbers (there are a lot of wrestling terms here) on the outside looking in, so we wanted a show to celebrate the bands we loved. The Jabroni Fest team now is Steve Johnson (Seagulls, Breaux, Desk Rabbitz), Noelle Shuck (Shehehe, Molly’s Lips), and me.

VB: Why do they fest?

DS: Jabronis fest because they must.

VB: Who does this help?

DS: This year Jabroni Fest is raising funds for the Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project, which is an initiative of The Campaign for Southern Equality. Through the fund, The Campaign for Southern Equality is “providing grants, patient navigation support, and accurate information to impacted families to ensure that youth can access the care they need and deserve, even in the face of oppressive laws.”

VB: Favorite memory from a past year?

DS: Too many for this space, but some highlights are: Dropout destroying the room at Jabroni Fest 2. Burners last set with an all-star lineup at Jabroni Fest 5. The full-on party of Bad Town (the Op Ivy cover band) at Jabroni Fest 7. Every time we see a band connect with a crowd that did not know the band beforehand, it reaffirms why we do this show.

VB: Tell me a little bit about the bands on this year’s lineup?

DS: It’s just out of control. We always try to have a diverse lineup, and this year we leaned in hard on a meeting of pop-punk and grindcore/screamo bands. We’re very excited to have The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir up from Savannah. They play an expansive and powerful style of emotive hardcore, and we’re glad to have them on before they’re too big to play the show. We have Wolf Face, who are Fest (Gainesville, FL) party-pop-punk royalty. I believe this will be their first time playing Georgia. And That Is Why is playing a reunion show that will be a rager. And all of our locals are a sampling of the best DIY bands Atlanta and Athens can offer.

VB: Favorite thing about Batman Foreve?

DS: This is the one I consider my Batman movie. It came out when I was 9, so it was the perfect timing. It leans hard into the Batman ’66 style of goofiness, but the entire cast was so game. Val Kilmer was great as Batman and Bruce Wayne (which not a lot of actors can do), Nicole Kidman is fantastic, and Tommy Lee Jones just chews up the scenery as Two-Face. But Jim Carey as The Riddler? Classic performance. The control he has over his range to go from big, over-the-top goofiness to truly menacing is underappreciated. AND IT GAVE US SEAL’S CLASSIC, “KISS FROM A ROSE”. BAY-BAYYYYYYYYYY


Tickets to both nights of Jabroni Fest 8 are on sale now