Fantomen Release Farewell Single

Written by Duke Eberhardt Daily | February 15th, 2024

In homage to the journey they’ve traversed together, Fantomen unveils their final two singles from this chapter: “Castlevania” and “The Grim Job.” These tracks, meticulously crafted under the production expertise of Kris Sampson, encapsulate the pinnacle of Fantomen’s musical evolution within their previous formation. As they bid adieu to this iteration, these songs stand as a testament to the sonic legacy they leave behind.

“Castlevania” and “The Grim Job” not only serve as a tribute to the past but also offer a glimpse into the future trajectory of Fantomen. With a nod to their devoted fans in Atlanta, the band raises a symbolic glass to commemorate the end of this phase while embracing the promise of what is to come, which we all hope will yield giant skeletons joy-riding into the depths of a local Atlanta inferno… 

– Duke Eberhardt Daily