Written By Duke E. Daili | June 7th, 2024

As Gas Hound prepares to leave for their Bonnaroo send off, Boggs Social & Supply has been set as the anchor for their new single release Cry Like A Wolf b/w Holy Enemy on Saturday, June 8th. It’s a message sent between loose dirt and coffin nails bent towards wavering transmissions over telephone pole wire.

Cry Like A Wolf was recorded by Sampson Sound and Holy Enemy as the B-side was sketched by Takashi Takemura in his temple of sound built humbly into the SWATS adjacent to the venue. Each tune plays off of each other as the line-up for the night was meant to compliment band to band, which includes Cortége – a funeral procession steeped in wanton carrion and tumbleweed murder machine melodies hailing from Austin, Texas – alongside the orphaned radio waves of Houston in the Blind, and opener Ryan O’Connell’s slacker slashed ballads of a city with an absent mayor and poisoned water holes. 

The release of Cry Like A Wolf can be found digitally on all streaming platforms, however via unconventional methods that truly support suffocated artwork, Holy Enemy will only be released on bandcamp, which is why this article refers to that link specifically. The enemy is within our perspective and casual exaltation of media giants driving results to placate infinitely scrolling engagement rather than the massive deficit of intuitive world hunger.   

Take a listen, but more importantly take a drive and seat yourself in the cockpit of a bar stool, as this line-up and these new sonic offerings take the internet and stage by quiet storm. There’s less to be said because there is so much more to be heard. 

Gas Hound performs live in Atlanta at Boggs on Saturday, June 8th with Cortége, Houston in the Blind, and Ryan O’Connell. Tickets are on sale here.